Year 2000:

    Jakware is pleased to announce the availability of the year 2000 compliant version of the Fleet Maintenance System. We will begin scheduling upgrades immediately for implementation. Our goal is to complete all requested upgrades before the end of this year to avoid any difficulties that may arise in the remaining year before 2000.

    System Requirements:

    • IBMAS/400* - Any Processor Type/Model
    • IBM OS/400* - Version 3, Release 1 or higher

    Jakware also offers year 2000 planning and converting services.

    Please call Jakware for details.

    New IBM AS/400* Hardware

    New IBM OS/400* Version 4 Software:

    IBM announces the introduction of new IBM AS/400* Model lines supporting the RISC processors. Included will be the newest IBM AS/400e* system (the e is for e-business.).

    Hardware Features Included:

    • Improved Interactive Performance
    • Scalability to increase price/performance.
    • New 600 and S10 models use PCI bus for lower cost.

    Software Features Include:

    • Up to 30% performance increase on existing 4xx/5xx machines.
    • Improved Internet Security - with firewall for IPCS.
    • More flexible TCP/IP Operations.
    • Reduced time on IPLs by up to 50 percent.

    Please call Jakware for details.

    Attention IBM AS/400* 8MM tape users

    Are you using the best tape cleaning cartridge? IBM recommends that you use IBM part # 16G8467. It cleans the drive better than older style cleaners so if you are not using this style cleaner please contact IBM.

    IBM AS/400* Tip: PTF's

    IBM recommends putting on a PTF cum package every quarter. You can look at information about this at or call Jakware for assistance.

    Please check back for details.

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